Real Estate Photography Pricing

Still Photo Packages

  • up to 999 sqft - Up to 15 Stills $120
  • 1000 - 2,000 sqft - $145
  • 2,001 - 4,000 sqft - $175

Matterport Packages

3D Immersive Tour with Matterport pictures

  • up to 800 sqft - $150
    Takes 1-1.5 hours to captures area
  • 801-1800 sqft - $200
    Takes 1.5-2.5 hours to captures area
  • 1801-2500 sqft - $250
    Takes 2-3 hours to captures area

* Add Pro HDR photos (Not from Matterport camera) to your 3D tour $75

Accepted Forms of payment include cash, cheque, or credit cards via Quickbooks Invoicing.

All properties will be shot AS IS. The photographer is not a stager/decorator/home cleaner. Due to a liability of potentially damaging furniture, flooring, walls, decor, etc, the photographer will not move furniture, treadmills, kitchen appliances, dog crates, etc and will not stand on furniture to turn fans off. Also, the photographer does not touch bathroom supplies so please be sure all personal hygiene items from showers and bathtubs have been removed. If the photographer notices something small he will try to make it look as best as possible, but overall the property needs to be 100% ready to go when he arrives.

If the photographers arrives and the property is not ready to be photographed then the photoshoot will be rescheduled and a fee of 50% of the scheduled service will be charged.

How should we prepare the home for the shoot?

At a minimum, the house should look clean and organized. De-cluttering mantels and countertops of personal items go a long way to making a home look open and inviting. Smaller things like removing visible garbage cans can also make the house look cleaner. Bright, artificially colored packaging, like on cereal boxes and shampoo bottles are also very distracting to the eye. Perhaps most important, check to ensure every (and I mean EVERY) light fixture in the home turns on with a working light bulb. It can make a huge difference. The following is a basic guideline to prepare a home for photography:



Do you Stage?

Please note that although my full-time job is taking photos of homes, I, unfortunately, am not a stager/decorator/home cleaner. All properties should be photo-ready when I arrive. I highly recommend a professional home staging consultation prior to photography, as home stagers know how to get a property picture perfect! Due to the liability of potentially damaging furniture, flooring, walls, decor, etc, I do not move furniture, treadmills, kitchen appliances, dog crates, etc. I also do not touch bathroom supplies so please be sure your client has removed all personal hygiene items from showers and bathtubs. If I notice something small like a pillow on a bed isn't sitting correctly or a mattress is showing, I will try to make it look as best as possible, but overall the property should be ready to go when I arrive.

Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

I understand how dynamic the real estate industry is and things can change in an instant! However, I respectfully ask for 24-hour notice to cancel or reschedule photo shoots. At this point, I will not be charging for canceled shoots. If I arrive at the property to find the shoot is canceled, I am denied access to the property, or the house is not ready for the photoshoot 50% of the quoted shoot amount will be assessed.

Rescheduling Due To Weather

Photo shoots will continue as scheduled as long as it is not physically raining. If rain is present, we can shoot the interior as the seller has probably put a lot of hard work into getting it ready for the scheduled shoot. I will then return for exterior photos at the earliest day possible where the weather cooperates. Another option is we can reschedule the entire shoot to my next available appointment. (No reschedule fees will be assessed for inclement weather.)

When Do I Get The Photos?

My turnaround time for having the photos ready is 24hrs. It's almost always sooner usually the same day! However, due to technology and my workload at the given time, I may need the 24 hours to be sure I return back a quality product.

Scheduling Appointments

Please reach out to me via text to schedule photo shoots. Appointments are booked on a first confirmed basis. To ensure you are able to schedule photos on the day of your choosing, please schedule as soon as possible.

Thank you for trusting me to help you market your property!

Benefits of Professional Photography

Save Time

Realtors trust us to photograph their listings in their absence. While we are busy at work, taking exceptional interior and exterior photos, realtors are free to focus on other important business activities.

Sell Homes Faster

Remember that better pictures sell homes faster! The seller will love the quality of the photos and will appreciate the high level of marketing you provide, by hiring a professional to showcase their listing.

High Return on Investment

Our photography prices are a low cost investment in marketing real estate. By generating a higher level of interest with buyers, we help realtors and sellers get the most value in the final sale.

First Impressions

A high percentage of home searches are done online. You only have a few crucial seconds to capture the attention of your audience. With thousands and thousands of competitors, standing out of from the crowd is key. Please contact us to book a shoot today!