Still Photos

You will receive photographs that will showcase the space with the most attractive points of view. Several photos will be taken so all areas are covered!

3D Virtual Tours

Being extraordinary is the key to success in real estate. Set yourself apart from your competition with a 3D immersive virtual tour. Engage buyers. Delight sellers.

Michael Lasko Photography is now offering the most attractive way to list your properties with virtual tours. Unlike a video fly through, static photos, or 360 panoramic videos, the viewer is in control of a realistic, immersive and interactive experience. The 3D virtual showcase gives the viewer an experience that is like no other! Realistic 3D floor plans giving a complete understanding of the property. Our 3D Home Tours are the most captivating virtual tour available today. This is new technology that is breaking down boundaries in how we view Real Estate online, from this point forward. It is a truly unique online experience that allows your Real Estate customers to view your listing from any angle, from all rooms at any time. It's the next best thing to being there in person.

3D Virtual Tours are the ideal blend of function and beauty. Sellers will be happy that their property is being showcased with superior technology; buyers will be impressed with the visually rich experience.

The 3D Showcase™ is powered by a "Matterport" camera. In addition to a regular camera, the Matterport uses eight additional sensors to take in information such as room height, object surface area, and the distance of objects in the room from each other. Once a property is "captured" by way of numerous 360° scans, additional software and cloud services work together to weave thousands of digital 3D images into an accurate, immersive photo-realistic model.

3D Imaging


We scan and photograph any interior space with our powerful 3D cameras. The appointment takes 1-3 hours depending on square footage.

Cloud Processing - The 3D model contains millions of data points, which is uploaded into the cloud for processing. Within 24 hours, it's ready to go!

Interactive Media - We send you a link and code to embed the showcase directly into your website. No technical skills required.

List of applications:

Sample Matterport 3D Tour